South Cemetery

The South Cemetery was originally plotted in May of 1907 by a committee consisting of William Penningroth, William Welty, James Williams, W.L. Smith, A.L. Safley, and G.H. Escher. Original plat made June 18th, 1926.  The map was redrawn January 1964 by Ritche Safley, and finished by Archibald & Ethel Safley in 1976.  The current version was redrawn January of 2009 by Robert Rickard and Lori Ostrich, current revision is dated November 11th, 2009.

Map layout:

  • The top of the map is west, bottom east; the right side of the map is north; the left side is south.
  • Internments are colored green, Veterans graves are marked with a flag; open plots which are available for sale are colored in blue.  Contact Robert Rickard for purchasing information, 563-886-6018

SO Cem Map/Plots Layout


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