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10 founding members of Red Oak Grove Presbyterian Church
Red Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, about five miles northwest of Tipton, Iowa, was organized March 1, 1841, by ten Cedar County pioneers: John Chappell, Mrs. Elizabeth Sturrock Dallas, Robert Dallas, Miss Sarah Dallas, John and Isabella Sturrock Ferguson, Robert and Elizabeth Pirie, John Safley, and Samuel Yule. The eldest was Robert Pirie, 55; the youngest, Sarah Dallas, 22.

At least nine of the founders were born in Scotland, including the counties of Aberdeenshire, Angus, Argyllshire, and Midlothian. Robert and Sarah Dallas were father and daughter. Elizabeth Dallas and Isabella Ferguson were sisters. Nine of the ten are buried in the north section of Red Oak Grove Cemetery. The tenth moved to California. Following is biographical information.

Chappell, John  (25 Dec.1805 – 30 April 1888) – Born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. To USA 1833; to Cedar County 28 March 1837 (walked from Indiana in 14 days, according to 1878 History of Cedar County). Did not marry. His spinster sister, Margaret Chappell (1816-1898), kept house for him.
Dallas, Elizabeth Sturrock [Mrs. Charles](3 Nov. 1810–??) – Born in Forfar, Angus, Scotland. Married Charles Dallas 1834 in in Schuylerville, Saratoga County, New Yourk. To Cedar County with husband, April 1837. Children: No information. Elizabeth and Charles moved from Iowa to California before 1870.
Dallas, Robert (1787–15 Nov. 1873) – Born in Scotland (probably Aberdeenshire). Married Mary Coutts, who died 7 April 1833. To Cedar County 1838. Children: Isabella, John, Sarah, and Margaret; possibly others.
Dallas, Sarah [Miss] (4 Dec. 1818–20 April 1916) – Born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She married Elza (Elzy) H. Carl, a native of Ohio, 15 Nov. 1844. Children: Mary, Robert, Sarah, Flora, and Gordon; three others died young.
Ferguson, Isabella/Isabel Sturrock [Mrs. John](1 Sept.1808–November 1847) – Born in Kellas, Angus, Scotland. Married John Ferguson 3 May 1834 in Schuylerville, Saratoga County, N.Y. To Cedar County April 1837. Children: See John Ferguson.
Ferguson, John (15/31? Oct. 1804 – 11 Sept. 1884) – Born in Argyllshire, Scotland. To USA 1831. To Cedar County January 1837 to record land claims; back to Knox County, Illinois; returned with family April 1837. Married (1) Isabella Sturrock; she died November 1847. Married (2) Jeannette Fairchild, 1848. Children, first marriage: Hugh, Anna, Mary, and Margaret. Children, second marriage: John Jr., Bessie, Nellie J., Isabelle, James D., William A., Alice, Clara, and Walter (died at 9 mos.)
Pirie, Elizabeth [Mrs. Robert] (1799/1800?–31 May 1854) – Born in Scotland. Maiden name not known. Married Robert Pirie. Children: Robert Jr.; possibly others.
Pirie, Robert [Sr.] (1786–31 Oct. 1846) – Born in Scotland, possibly the Orkney Isles. Married Elizabeth (maiden name not known). To Cedar County before March 1841. [Mr. Pirie’s was the first burial in Red Oak Grove Cemetery. He was originally interred on the east side of King Avenue, across from the south section of the present-day cemetery and approximately opposite the Hughes gate. After the cemetery was founded 1 January 1848, his grave was moved.]
Safley, John (25 Dec. 1806–28 Jan. 1891) – Born in Dalhousie village, Cockpen parish, Midlothian, Scotland. To USA June 1834. To Cedar County April 1837. Married Elizabeth “Betsy” Davis 2 May 1839. Children: John Jr. #1 (died at 11 mos.), Isabella, Frances, Laura, John Jr. #2, James, Agnes, Alford, and William.
Yule, Samuel (12 Aug. 1815–8 March 1888) – Born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. To USA 1836. To Cedar County 8 Aug. 1837 (September 1837?) Married (1) Serepta A. Clark 1 July 1848; she died 1863. Married (2) Mary Ann Porter Oct. 1863. Children, first marriage: Delia, Anna, Agnes, John F., Ormus, Emma; one died. Children, second marriage: Charles, Albert, Susan, Fred, Edgar, Elmer, Adelaide, Mildred, and Annie M.
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