North Cemetery

North Cemetery was organized in 1848.  The original plat was made by A.L. Safley, map was redrawn January 1964: finished by Archibald & Ethel Safley March 1, 1976. The current version, December 2008 has been transcribed & illustrated by Lori Ostrich under the direction of Robert Rickard.

Layout of lots, plots, and rows

  • All lots are sixteen square by ten fee, with 4 plots per lot.
  • Plots in each lot are numbered one to four starting at the north end of the lot.
  • All lots are numbered commencing with 1 at the northeast corner of the North Cemetery.
  • Each lot number will be preceded by an N for the North Cemetery.

Map layout

  • The top of the map is west, bottom east; the right side of the map is north; the left side is south.
  • Interments are colored green, Veterans graves are marked with a flag; open plots which are available for sale are colored in blue [as of December 2008]. Contact Robert Rickard for purchasing information.

Plot(s) Listing

Map/Plots Layout

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