Cremated Remains
Two (2) cremated remains shall be in a single burial space. Cremated remains are to be buried by a representative or designee of the Cemetery Association. Burial of cremated remains is not permitted by family members. Burial of cremated remains will be coordinated with the Sexton. Cremated remains are not allowed to be spread on the surface of the cemetery grounds, stones or monuments.

Interments of Newborn or Stillborn Infant
A newborn or stillborn infant may be buried at the foot end of a deceased relative.

Transfer /Assignment of Burial Plots
The Cemetery Association will not purchase back plots after they have been sold. Burial space owners shall not sell, assign their rights without the consent of Red Oak Grove Cemetery Association in writing.

Monuments /Markers
Any monument, marker or other structure added to any burial space must be coordinated with the Sexton to assure it is placed in the proper burial space and conforms with installation regulation. All monuments / markers must be erected and permanently inscribed on no longer that one year after interment. Whenever any grave – – – monument, marker or other structure becomes unsightly or is neglected, the Directors shall have the power to improve such grave or structure or entirely remove the structure or monument; the cost thereof shall be charged against the burial space owner and collected from him.

Year Round Burial
Year round burial is allowed, but any additional costs such as snow removal will be paid for by the family.

Memorial Flowers and Grave Decorations
All flowers and grave site decorations shall not reach out further than 11 inches from the monument / marker. These items must be removed by April 1St each year or will be removed by the Sexton in his annual clean up of the cemetery. No live plantings are allowed without the permission from the Sexton. Artificial flowers can be used with the exception of arrangements that use styrofoam.

No Interments in Plots
In the event a burial plot purchased is 100 years old with no interment the Association may re-claim the burial site.

It is the aim of the Red Oak Grove Cemetery Association to create a quiet and beautiful cemetery. To continue the improvements and to preserve the Cemetery’s appearance the Directors require co-operation of all plot owners. Thank you

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